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We offer comprehensive property/asset management, preservation preservation services for new, occupied, vacant, pre-foreclosure, rehab and REO properties from cradle to grave.


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natPROpres REO Services, LLC: Is a full service management company and we are thoroughly familiar with all aspects of property preservation & maintenance work including HUD, FHA and VA standards for maintaining, securing, and winterization/De-winterization procedures. All work performed is fully documented with before, during, and after photos. With over 15 years of experience in property preservation, let our team assist you with preserving your property. We have over 15 years’ experience in the Real Estate industry and with that we have gained a wealth of knowledge providing REO services to all our clients who manage FNMA, HUD and VA properties. Every property owner knows that a home or apartment that has been properly maintained attracts quality tenants and boost investment value. Unfortunately, not all tenants leave properties in good condition. When that happens, we can help.

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Turnover Rental Services: We provide rental turnover services such as general maintenance, repair, restoration, remediation, tailored to the needs of each of your properties to ensure each of your properties looks “brand new” for prospective residents. Some properties can be market-ready after a fresh coat of paint and a thorough cleaning. Others require more extensive services such as carpet cleaning, repairs and general maintenance. But sometimes you walk a property and see holes in the wall, counters that need to be resurfaced and bathtubs that need to be caulked.

Special Attention Property Management: When it comes to Property management and preservation, your property requirements will be handled by a qualified & trained member of our team. We do not subcontract this important aspect of your project.

We work around your schedule: Whatever your needs are, no matter how big or small, we can get it done in a timely, efficient, and professional manner. Our crew works hard so you won’t have to!

natPROpres REO Services, LLC: Is fully LICENSED and INSURED. We are FULLY INSURED with over a million dollars policy of General Liability, Commercial Auto, Workers Comp, and Errors & Omission Insurance. We are also a certified member of HUB, the National Association of Mortgage Field Services, Inc. (NAMFS).

All services are done with the highest quality and professionalism: We look forward to hearing from you and working with you! Attached please find a copy of our insurance and information sheet.

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our services

VAlet trash services

We provide premier door-to-door waste and recycling service for multifamily properties including apartment communities, condominiums, student housing, and senior living communities.


We provide rental turnover services such as general maintenance, repair, restoration, remediation, tailored to the needs of each of your properties to ensure each of your properties looks “brand new” for prospective residents

We can take over most of the the communication and documentation tasks for your real estate transaction. This includes administrative tasks, scheduling appointments, responding to emails and taking photos


We manage the common and exterior areas year-round, mowing, edging, trimming, pruning all shrubbery, Debris removal and professional cleaning services.



We provide all services such as eviction, turnkey, move in/move out services, repair & restore services.

We can manage abandoned, neglected, or foreclosed properties, or vacant land.


We can dispatch our crews to your property, and they will secure all doors, inspect the interior and exterior for damage and provide professional repair bids with photos.

ASSET sECURing & Rehab

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service workflow

We take all of this off your hands so you can concentrate on day-to-day business.


valey trash services

  • Full initial inspection of the property with photos
  • Remove and dispose trash left behind from tenant
  • Thorough deep clean of the property.*
  • Place air fresheners throughout the home
  • Perform landscape maintenance, mow and edge the full lot *
  • Gather items tenants left behind and provide an itemized list.
  • Haul away trash and debris.
  • Replace all air filters.
  • Replace any burned-out lightbulbs.
  • Tighten or replace loose hardware.
  • Inspect drains for clogs and check the water pressure
  • Change batteries in all smoke detectors.
  • Check for water damage and inspect drains and pipes for leaks.
  • Check appliances to ensure they are working properly.
  • Replace fixtures such as toilets, bathtubs and cabinets if needed.
  • Fix items that were listed as damaged during move-out inspection.
  • Patch walls where needed and paint.
  • Clean or replace carpeting.
  • Change the locks.
  • Thoroughly clean the kitchen including floors, cabinets and appliances.
  • Replace appliances if needed.
  • Thoroughly clean the bathroom, including the toilet, floors, vanity, sink and cabinets, and bath, shower and surrounding area.
  • Make any outdoor repairs required.
  • Send bids for additional work needed
  • Send after photos of work completed.

  • We provide each apartment resident with a company-branded Trash Bin or we use yours.
  • The apartment resident uses the trash container as their kitchen garbage can.
  • When the trash is full, the resident sets out the trash can with the tide garbage bag in it outside their door in the hallway between 6pm-8pm.
  • The Service Valet shows up on the property promptly at 8pm.
  • The Service Valet uses the proper equipment to start servicing the trash bags left outside the doorways. (equipment includes an over the shoulder valet bag, gloves, reflective vest, and more).
  • The Service Valet starts at the furthest end away from the community dumpster and starts to pick up the trash bags, filling their over the shoulder valet bag and disposing of the trash into the community dumpsters.
  • They repeat picking up trash bags until the full property has been serviced.
  • While serving the trash, they will notate any valet trash violations and let management know by the morning.
  • They do this same service Sunday thru Thursday night starting at 8pm and finishing up no later than midnight (depending on the size of the apartment building).
  • Once all of the trash bags have been services, they make sure all loose trash is picked up by the dumpsters.
  • When all tasks have been done, the Service Valet leaves the property.

  • Post the rental on all real estate boards per your description
  • Facilitating communication between everyone involved so everyone is aware of progress & timelines
  • Plan, schedule, and coordinate all inspections of the property
  • Coordinate to ensure that inspectors have access to the property when needed
  • Ensure all required documents are complete and submitted by the necessary dates
  • Manage repairs to ensure they happen on time and within budget
  • Ensuring that contractors are adhering to compliance standards
  • Ensuring completion of the necessary documents by their respective deadlines
  • Obtain client testimonials and online reviews
  • Ask for potential referrals



  • Additional: done upon request
  • Repair Fix holes from previous tenants
  • Paint walls/ Rooms
  • Repair/replace appliances
  • Wash/ repair/ Replace carpets
  • Power wash the home
  • Engage 3rd party for any major issues (Roofing, plumbing, electrical)
  • Maintenance services as needed.

Transparency & Documentation

natPROpres understands that documentation of actual work performed is critical. We will always provide before, during, and after digital photography of all work performed for full transparency. We utilize state-of-the-art tracking and management software to organize and record all work completed and outstanding so you can rest assured knowing that the details of your project are being recorded and constantly managed in a timely and efficient manner, and that backup documentation is always readily available at your request.

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our clients

We have worked with banks such as Ocwen, Wells Fargo, and Bank of America.

We provide services for Realtors, Construction Companies, Builders, Mortgage Companies, REO divisions of banks, Investors, Flippers, Homeowners, Absentee Owners, Landlords, Property Managers, Title Companies, HOA Companies, Commercial Properties, anyone, and everyone who requests our services.

Contact us for your service needs!

We service properties for all kinds of Real Estate Institutions & Companies

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our quality standard process

Our 5-step process includes:


You assign us an asset and we will dispatch our qualified crew to the property to provide a complete list of issues and damages to the property


We will compile a full scope of work with photos and an estimate to complete all the damages to either bring the property to your safety standards or resale standards.


We repair/replace upon client approval and we will reassess and make recommendations for additional work needed for improvement and preservation of the property


We dispatch an independent and qualified inspector with a checklist to physically review the property and confirm the job was done per client expectation.


We send results according to predefined specifications to the client with the utmost confidence that they are getting quality work.

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Our milestones

Why choose natpropres reo services

At natPROpres we offer our expertise and personalized techniques of managing and maintaining your property from cradle to grave. Our management concept is founded on professionalism, integrity, accountability, and quality service that guarantees the maximum return while maintaining your property at the highest standards. Vacant Real Estate is a magnet for crime on every level

~This is why it pays to hire natPROpres- we give the property a well maintained or lived-in look.

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We are constantly looking for good people to join our team. Feel free to place an application if you're looking for a rewarding career. View our applications site by clicking HERE or the below links for our current openings.


We have several opportunities open for residential maintenance technicians. We are looking for applicants who have a knack for hands-on work and great handyman skills. If you are a quick learner, can take direction, and have a positive attitude this could be your next role! Click HERE to apply


We need dedicated property preservation vendors who understand what it takes to build trust and honesty in this industry. We are looking to start contractors as soon as possible. Must have your own vehicle, tools, computer & smartphone. We are also looking for construction subcontractors!! Lawn Maintenance, Boarding, Lock Changes & Lock Boxes, Minor Repairs, Major Repairs, Eviction Services, Roof Repair, Replacement & Tarps, Winterizations, Prepare Bids & Reports, Inspections, Rehab (GC work if you have license), Additional items as assigned. Click HERE to apply


We are currently looking to add licensed companies to our network to receive work for our foreclosed preservation properties and our rehab property repairs. specialist, repair and handyman, painters, drywall…etc. We hire every trade and every reliable company. We are looking for: • Licensed Roofers, Home Inspectors, Plumbers, Electricians, Termite/pest control, land surveyors, HVAC specialist, Mold remediators, septic specialist, general contractors, inspectors, Click HERE to apply

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We were provided excellent customer service. All responses were prompt and professional. Clearly, the upfront statement on our policy stated it was limited which told us that our preliminary research was not well thought out.

- Deco Designs Inc

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We were provided excellent customer service. We were interested in becoming a vendor and the recruiting department was upfront and honest about how long the recruiting process takes and how much work we could expect.

- Errandeo Services

Great customer service! The man I spoke with was very helpful in answering questions before we even committed to give them our business. Professionals through and through

- James and Candice

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We are always happy to talk to prospective and current clients and vendors

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